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Welcome to Quest

Program Components


Photo of Nazareth Retreat Center

Quest includes six weekend-long retreats from 3pm Friday through lunch on Sunday, at the Nazareth Retreat Center, 4450 Five Mile Road in Boise. The Center has simple, individual accommodations, healthy meals and the unique benefit of being right here in the city while providing beautiful, serene grounds that offer a sense of separation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Retreats are led by the Quest Directors, the Minister, and the Integration Group facilitators. They are thoughtfully designed with a balance of large group gatherings, small group discussion, spiritual exercises, individual reflection and contemplation, communal meals, and play.

Retreat Dates and Focus

Integration Groups

Participants are organized into two small, on-going groups, each with their own facilitator. The groups meet monthly on the second Monday of months in which there is no retreat. Integration group meetings begin with a large group potluck before separating into the two smaller groups.

Since membership in each group will be stable throughout the 19 months of the program, relationships have the opportunity to grow and to offer support for and bear witness to each other’s individual journeys. Careful attention has been given to the design of the integration groups with an invitation to move from the “outside” busy world into a slower paced, contemplative one, allowing the mind to quiet and the heart to open.

Spiritual Companions

Each participant meets monthly with their personal Spiritual Companion which they chose from the pool of Spiritual Companions, a group assembled for their wisdom, experience with spiritual practice, interpersonal skills, and a willingness to accompany another on a spiritual journey.

Chalice photo

Daily Spiritual Practice

The heart of the program is the development of a regular spiritual practice of meditation or contemplation. At the second retreat, several practices are introduced that are used to still and focus the mind, open the heart and channel the energy of the body. Participants will chose one type of meditation to practice and develop as their own throughout the program.

Two Classes

Participants attend two classes designed to create a solid and meaningful bridge between the on-going development of the Unitarian Universalist faith tradition and the individual journeys and spiritual community experiences of all participants and facilitators.

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