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The Adult Religious Education program at BUUF has provided opportunities for adults to teach and adults to learn for many years. Each spring and fall we offer approximately six classes, along with ongoing meditation and yoga classes. Topics range from spiritual to practical to human interest. On some occasions, classes are designed around discussion of a particular book or film. The minister often leads a class or two each year, sometimes co-leading with others. We have a well-stocked and well cared-for library, open to members and friends who want to learn more about the UU faith and other relevant topics. (The library catalog is online, and searchable.) This year, we decided to forego a formal Adult RE program and instead encourage participation in Chalice Circles.

Chalice Circles

Our congregation has eagerly embraced Chalice Circles, a program of small group ministry with 6-8 sessions over 3-4 months in both fall and spring, during the two years of interim ministry. The session format and topics were developed by Interim Minister Rev. Dana Worsnop. All told, 50-60 members and friends have participated and we expect more to come.

The Chalice Circles allow people from across the congregation – newcomers, long-time members and all in-between – to connect for fellowship and to engage with theological, philosophical and ethical topics. Because the groups are of a deliberately limited duration, they avoid the perennial issue with small groups of bringing in new members. Yet one circle felt so connected that they continued to meet after the official program ended. An abundance of people have volunteered as facilitators and attended training.

Topics for Chalice Circle sessions have included: Hospitality, Being Religious, Courage, Appreciation, Spiritual Practice, Leadership and Laughter. All follow the same format for meetings that last 1-1/2 to 2 hours. This program has helped foster a sense of depth and connection throughout the BUUF community.


Quest, A Spiritual Journey is a 19-month spiritual deepening curriculum which began in 2013 for adult BUUF members who were interested in making the commitment to go deeper. Please see the “Quest” page for more details about this program.

General Adult Education Program

Past programs we've offered include:

We have also co-sponsored salons and workshops with the Idaho Friends of Jung. See their website for additional information about the organization and what it offers.

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