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Congregational Care Team

We are fortunate at BUUF to have members and friends who are committed to creating a mutually supportive beloved community. Our Congregational Care Team (CCT) oversees and organizes these efforts. Members and friends in need can request assistance from the CCT team in person, by phone, or by filling out a request and leaving it in a confidential box in the church office. In addition, members and friends who are concerned about someone else can make a referral to the team.

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The Congregational Care Team manages an on-site food pantry; oversees the Pay It Forward fund; plans and conducts a once-a-year worship service; coordinates transportation, home visits, and comfort food deliveries for members in need, provides support for Memorial services, and much more.

The Team's Vision:
Guided by compassion and generosity of sprit, provide support to BUUF members and friends in their times of stress, loss, hardship, or joy. Through our commitment to caring, create a more nurturing community.

Our Mission:
To enhance the emotional and spiritual well being of our congregation we will:

Pay It Forward Fund (PIFF)

The Rev. Elizabeth Greene Pay It Forward Fund (PIFF) was created approximately seven years ago to address a need among our own BUUF community for short-term emergency financial assistance. PIFF is the recipient of plate offerings one month of every year and is able to support BUUF members and friends due to the generosity of those who donate. Over the years, funds have helped members and friends stay in their homes, pay for groceries, utilities, medical expenses, and other basic needs of living.

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