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The Minister’s duties are negotiable and spelled out in a letter of agreement, which is reviewed and renewed as agreed between minister and Board. In the past, the minister has worked closely with the Worship Committee to plan services, adhere to the liturgical calendar for special services (e.g., Easter Sunday), generate sermon topics, write and preach sermons on those topics, choose hymns, calendar choir performances (currently twice a month), and assign services to service coordinators and celebrants.

The minister's office

The minister supervises staff (director of religious exploration, music director, office administrator, program support), meets with staff to discuss work and resolve issues, helps set goals for staff, evaluates staff and shares those evaluations with the Personnel Committee. As supervisor the minister has the power to hire and remove staff (though the Board approves staff contracts on the minister’s recommendation and the Personnel Committee drafts the contracts at the minister’s direction).

Typically, the minister meets with a few crucial committees as needed, holds office hours, provides advice and direction in response to committee questions and special events, and presides at weddings, memorial services and dedications. When conflicts between congregants or committees arise—a mercifully rare event at BUUF—the minister intervenes as appropriate in seeking resolutions. The previous minister participated in Boise’s interfaith ministers’ meetings, has been present at interfaith gatherings, and wrote a periodic column for the Idaho Statesman newspaper.

Both our former and current minister have been important leaders and spiritual guides for BUUF’s Quest program. We hope our new minister will be inspired to serve in the role of Quest Minister for this inspiring program.

The minister attends Board meetings ex officio and writes a monthly column in the BUUF newsletter. There are occasional ministerial calls and actions that remain confidential as part of the ministerial role in keeping BUUF a loving community. The minister’s wise counsel guides BUUF, and the minister has been expected to work closely with relevant committees and the Board in decision-making processes. BUUF has endeavored to move from the pastoral to the program church model, and the minister has been active in this transition.

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