Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Program Ministry Council (PMC)


PMC Vision

Increase effectiveness of lay ministry programs at Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Groups and Committees that support the
vision and mission of BUUF.


We are a caring community providing religious, inspirational, and communal opportunities to grow and thrive individually and as a fellowship.


Leadership Team supporting the work of the fellowship, committees and groups. Enhancing coordination, communication and functionality.

The PMC was created in recognition of the need for ways to help committees and groups more easily connect to our congregation and BUUF leadership.

The PMC organizes many BUUF committees into five strands (groups): Fellowship, Worship, Education, Our Home, and the Justice Outreach Ministry. Each strand has one committee chair as lead who serves on the PMC along with two PMC co-chairs. The Program Ministry Council exists to discuss issues that arise, support communication throughout the organization, reduce duplication, and assist committees in their work. The result has been a smoother, more efficient and dynamic organization.

The Education strand promotes religion, spiritual and intellectual exploration opportunities for all ages.

The Fellowship committees and groups welcome new members, care for the congregation, and provide for small and large group activities.

The Worship committees orchestrate the Sunday services, special music, hospitality and food.

Our Home committees take care of building, grounds and safety.

Our Justice Outreach Ministry keeps our congregation informed and aware of social justice and outreach projects, giving us all an opportunity to act.

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