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The Personnel Committee creates contracts for staff and the letter of agreement with the minister for Board approval. It makes recommendations on compensation and policies to the Board. A major function of the committee is keeping up with changes in UUA compensation recommendations, retirement programs, and other guidelines, as well as paying attention to applicable changes in state and federal statutes. It develops policy recommendations for Board consideration and formulates policies at Board direction. It maintains and annually reviews the Policy Handbook for Non-Ministerial Employees (with a total revision completed last year). If you would like to review the latest version of our "Policy Handbook for Non-Ministerial Employees, please e-mail Wanda Jennings, Search Committee Chair, and we will be happy to send you a copy. Ministerial duties and benefits are spelled out in the minister’s letter of agreement.

BUUF is in the UUA's "Geo Area 2." With a membership between 250-260, it is at the lower end of the Midsize 2 church category. Using the UUA guidelines for this area and size, the committee has created a ten-step compensation schedule, adjusted annually based on UUA use of COLA. In creating this schedule, it has developed a modified scale based on BUUF’s actual size and more specific cost of living estimates for the immediate Boise region. Initial placement on the schedule depends on education, experience and other relevant factors. Advancement on the scale includes years of service, professional development, outstanding performance and any other factors meriting consideration.

The committee has long had the goal of meeting or exceeding UUA guidelines and being as generous as possible. Over the last decade, it has frequently made compensation recommendations beyond what the Finance Committee and Board have thought possible. These have included recommending additional or fewer hours for part time staff and whether additional staff might be required. Its annual recommendations are made in the spring of each year to both the Finance Committee and the Board.

The minister as supervisor of staff has annually submitted evaluations to the committee for its consideration in making compensation recommendations. When asked, the committee has occasionally met with the minister to discuss confidential personnel issues, and it has always welcomed visits by the minister to discuss general issues pertinent to personnel. All Personnel Committee work is confidential, though it explains its work in general terms in annual reports, and it meets with the Board in executive session when sensitive issues require attention.

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