Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


Several venues for communication are being utilized at BUUF to keep members and friends aware of the many events and activities happening. Our website,, is kept up to date with information about Sunday Services, social events, BUUF leadership, and adult and children’s religious exploration offerings.

Both vestibules of our Sanctuary have Newcomer Welcome carts that include newsletters, brochures, and information about BUUF and ways to get involved. Volunteers staff the carts each week so newcomers receive a warm, personable welcome.

A wonderful team of folks at BUUF created a helpful guide for the front of our Directory of Members & Friends, which is published each fall. The guide includes information about the structure and governance of BUUF, and specific instructions and contact information to help both newcomers and long-time members learn about what is happening at BUUF and how to get involved. The guide includes descriptive and contact information for committees, the board, affinity groups and more.

We have bulletin boards in each vestibule that are used for communicating to ourselves, guests and visitors what is going on at BUUF. A newsletter and calendar of events are thoughtfully put together each month and are available on our website and via e-mail or regular mail. Every Thursday, announcements are sent out via e-mail with information about upcoming services and events. You can read recent newsletters on our website’s newsletter archive.

In addition to these regular means of communication, BUUF maintains an e-mail based tool (hosted on Google Groups), the “BUUF-Bulletin” to help us communicate happenings at church and around town. Members and friends can share announcements about upcoming activities, Religious Exploration classes, and community members’ special needs requests. Church staff monitor the group, with guidelines in place to keep it running effectively, and to encourage use by all members and friends of BUUF. BUUF has a public Facebook page, and a page for Youth Religious Exploration,

With so much going on at BUUF – and multiple means of communication, we are fortunate to have a Fellowship Connections Team whose focus is to make opportunities for involvement in BUUF known and easily accessible to all whom wish to connect with others in meaningful ways.

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