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Photo courtesy of Jane Rohling

The members and friends of BUUF highly value the sense of community and opportunities to interact socially that are available through the Fellowship. We have a hard-working Festivities committee who defines their mission as creating opportunities for folks to be together in community.

Many of the events that happen at BUUF are part social event / part fundraiser/meeting. We try to find ways to do a combination of things at one event given the busy lives of BUUF members and friends. In the future, some would like us to have clearer distinctions between the two and ensure that opportunities for fun and socializing are not always paired with events that may create an expectation that folks bring their wallets to the table.

Monthly potlucks open to all ages are held on Saturday evenings during our full program year, and immediately following Sunday services during the summer.

Throughout the year, BUUFers come together socially for special events such as chili feeds, coffee houses, book group discussions, and goulash cookoffs. A space at the annual “Margarita Party” is always a hot ticket at BUUF fundraisers – an event where the men are tasked with preparing their best margarita for the women in attendance.

Photo courtesy of Jane Rohling

Potluck Friendship Dinners happen regularly throughout the program year and are hosted in the home of a BUUF member.

Our Religious Exploration Director makes sure regular family-friendly events happen at BUUF. Family Fun days are held on our beautiful BUUF grounds and bring parents together to visit and kids together to run through the trees and play in the playhouse.

Since our congregation was partnered with the congregation in Mészkő, we have held annual festivities for connecting our members and friends to the folks in Transylvania. In the early years, these were elaborate productions, involving authentic recipes, games, and music, that included the larger Boise community. Over the years they have focused more on honoring our relationship in more simple ways. For the past two years, the Partner Church committee has sponsored the second Saturday potluck, with a gulyas cook-off, games, and a ceremony/toast at the Transylvania bridge to recognize the anniversary of our partnership (May 18, 1993).

In addition to special events, BUUFers come together socially via multiple Affinity Groups. Affinity groups are a small group of people with similar interest. Put another way, it’s a group that intentionally meets to strengthen each other’s bonds to the group, and to BUUF and the ideals we stand for. Descriptions of some of the affinity groups available are listed below.

Fiber Arts Affinity Group

The Fiber Arts group includes knitters, crocheters, cross-stitchers and what-have-you.. All skill levels are welcome at their monthly gatherings.

BUUF qUUilters Affinity Group

Through quilting, the Quilting Affinity Group focuses on spirituality and community creation.

Gaming Affinity Group

The Gaming Affinity Group is a group for Table-Top Role-Playing Games. We mainly focus on playing GURPS Morrow Project - a post-apocalyptic game taking place some 500+ years in our future and HarnMaster, a fantasy game taking place on the world of Harn. All skill levels are welcome, but space is limited due to logistical reasons.

Trek Talk Affinity Group

Watching enhanced and re-mastered original Star Trek episodes and discuss the meanings of the stories for us.

Medians Affinity Group (Young Adults)

We are a diverse group of adults ranging from 20s to 40s something. Our needs are unique and so are our busy lives. By connecting together, we have hope to support one another so we can feel connected and inspired as we live out our lives within the BUUF Community.

Classics Book Club

Reads and discusses, while eating chocolate truffles, four classic books a year.

The Other Book Club

Reads and discusses whatever strikes their fancy, generally current books. Meets monthly.

BUUF Sages

Programs vary from personal life odysseys to book reviews. No age limit.

BUUF hUUmanists

A monthly informal gathering with shared discussion of religious concerns from a humanist perspective. We also plan educational presentations, community service and social events.

Travel Bugs

Presents personal travels, from day trips to African excursions.

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