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BUUF Adult Education Program, Fall 2009

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We are pleased to present a wide variety of offerings this fall. The complete course descriptions with contact information, schedules, and a registration form are included in the printer-friendly (PDF) version of the program catalog, or, browse the offerings by the titles below.

Registration forms (and payment by check) can be deposit in the "drop box" at the Adult RE table in the north vestibule or mailed to BUUF, attention Adult RE). You may register for more than one class. Your registration will be confirmed with a call to remind you of the start date for the classes or workshops you have selected. If the class is full, we will contact you and refund the fee.

Contact the office for more information about events.

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[+] Restless Souls: Unitarians, Universalists, and American Spirituality

Unitarian Universalists are accustomed to thinking of itself as different from most religious traditions, even radical when compared to them. Both Unitarians and Universalists made fundamental breaks with the Christianity of early America—Unitarians by denying the doctrine of the Trinity and understanding Jesus as a prophet, Universalists by denying the possibility of eternal damnation and declaring the ultimate love and forgiveness of God. Yet Emerson left the Unitarian ministry because it was lifeless and too conventional.

Unitarians and Universalists did not join forces until 1961, yet many of their churches traded ministers for two hundred years. What was going on in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that made UU merely one very different option—and hardly the most radical? What is exceptional about American religious experience? This class will explore these questions and much else in American spirituality through discussion around the beautifully written book Restless Souls: The Making of American Spirituality from Emerson to Oprah by Leigh Eric Schmidt.

Oct. 7: Spirituality in the Making and the Mystic Club
Oct. 14: Solitude
Oct. 21: The Piety of the World
Oct. 28: Meditation for Americans
Nov. 4: Freedom and Self-Surrender
Nov. 11: Seekers
Nov. 18: Be Gentle with Yourself and Conclusion

Leaders: The Rev. Elizabeth Greene and Prof. Elton Hall
Schedule and location: 7 sessions, Wednesdays, 7-9 p.m., October 7, 14, 21. 28; November 4, 11, 18; Junior High room
Registration fee: $10
Maximum registration: 20

[+] Thank God for Evolution: An Evening with Michael Dowd CANCELLED

This event has been cancelled due to illness of the presenter. We hope to reschedule in spring 2010.

Leaders: Reverend Michael Dowd (with partner and acclaimed science writer Connie Barlow)

[+] Thank God for Evolution: A Book Study Group

Although the Reverend Michael Dowd's public lecture was cancelled for this fall, the Boise UU Fellowship will still host the discussion forum for those interested in studying the material presented in his acclaimed book, Thank God for Evolution.

The group will be collectively led, with members sharing responsibility for an opening and facilitation at each gathering. The group will use a five-session study guide provided by Michael Dowd's website.

Leaders: Loren Bergeson and Webb Van Winkle as group coordinators; group members will share responsibility for openings and facilitation.
Schedule and location: 5 sessions, Monday evenings (biweekly), 7-8:30 p.m., September 21; October 5, 19; November 2, 16; Junior High room
Registration fee: $10 (group members can purchase Thank God for Evolution at BUUF's "Book Nook," at local book stores, or through Amazon.com).
Maximum registration: 16

[+] The Welcoming Congregation: Interfaith Conversations on Becoming More Inclusive Faith Communities and Undoing Oppression

This nine week workshop will explore thoughts, feelings and current knowledge about sexual orientation and gender identity; probe the origins of our beliefs about these topics; create understanding about the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people; identify the effects of heterosexism and homophobia on people of all sexual orientations in our faith communities; and devise individual and institutional strategies to become more welcoming to LGBT people and their families.

Organized by the Welcoming Congregation Committee in partnership with The Interfaith Alliance, this workshop will be open to members and friends of BUUF and participants from other area faith communities. Our intention is to create a climate of growth and learning, a safe space where participants can talk openly in a setting that strives to be respectful, forgiving, honest, and understanding. Because of the transformative nature of this workshop, couples are encouraged to enroll together, if possible.

Facilitator: Pam Baldwin, Interfaith Alliance
Schedule and location: Sundays, 1:30- 3:30 p.m., September 20, 27; October 4, 11, 18, 25; November 1, 8, 15; North Wing classrooms
Registration fee: $10
Maximum enrollment: 25

[+] Healthy Children/Healthy Planet RESCHEDULED FOR SPRING 2010

"We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it." (George Elliot)

In collaboration with Children's Religious Education, Green Sanctuary, and the Idaho Earth Institute, we are offering a seven-session discussion course addressing how the pervasive effects of advertising, media, and our consumer culture can influence a child's view of the world.

Discussion Course Goals:

  • To understand how the pervasive effects of advertising, media, and our consumer culture can influence a child's view of the world
  • To discover ways to create meaningful family times and healthful environments for children
  • To explore ways to develop a child's connection to nature, and to foster creativity

Participants will use a discussion guidebook provided by the Idaho Earth Institute. All sessions will be collectively led, with participants sharing responsibility for openings and facilitation. An Idaho Earth Institute mentor will facilitate the first session, modeling the group process for all subsequent sessions.

Leaders: An Idaho Earth Institute mentor will facilitate the first session.
Schedule and location: TBD, Spring 2010
Registration fee: $25 (includes the $18 cost of the Healthy Children/Healthy Planet discussion guidebook)
Maximum enrollment: 16

[+] Money, Values and Investing

Money can be a source of guilt, a valuable resource, a cause of divorce, a measure of success or hard work, a source of security, a motivator of greed, a provider of freedom, a source of stress and worry, a tool for positive social change, a reason for staying in a miserable job, and many other things. While many of us don't like to think about money or deal with money issues, they are unavoidable. The goal of this workshop is to help participants understand their relationship with money issues and learn how they can manage their financial lives in harmony with their personal goals and values.

Through small group discussions and exercises, each participant will begin to create a "money autobiography" to trace where our feelings about money come from and how our life experiences have shaped them. We will explore how we can change our relationship to money so that it helps us live the kind of life we want for ourselves, and helps us contribute to the kind of society in which we want to live. We will learn about sustainable investing (also known as socially responsible investing) and its three strategies of investment screening, shareholder advocacy, and community investing. And, we will explore how our investments can provide financial security while contributing to a more just and sustainable society.

Leader: Kathy Stearns spent twenty years working for nonprofits in community development finance with ACCION International (microfinance) and Opportunity Finance Network. She is currently a fee-only financial planner and an Investment Advisory Representative of First Affirmative Financial Network, specializing in sustainable investing.

Schedule and location: Two sessions, Thursdays, 7-9 pm, November 5, 12; Junior High room
Registration fee: $15
Maximum enrollment: 25

[+] Make Your Own Salsa Party!

Extend the Locavore Season by Canning

Learn how to boiling-water-bath process salsa in jars to preserve your summer's bounty. This method of canning is suitable for high-acids foods such as jams, fruit, tomatoes. This is a hands-on class and hopefully some of the veggies (tomatoes, peppers, onions) we use will come from your own gardens. Everyone will take home a jar of communally-produced salsa at the end of class.

Leader: Gena Delucchi, UI certified Food Safety Advisor
Schedule and location: Friday, September 18, 6:30-9:00 p.m., in the Sanctuary & Kitchen
Registration fee: $10
Maximum enrollment: 10

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