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BUUF Sunday Services Archive - 2013

January, 2013

Jan. 6, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"A New Year Beckons," Nancy Harms

Our task as we enter this New Year is to renew ourselves in the love and labor of filling out our individual biography. We do that by taking hold of the threads in life that seem to assist in this enterprise, in our vocation, our relationships, in what we speak for, and in how we live. In these various ways, through these secondary threads, we stay connected to that changeless, invisible thread that loops through our selves and all being, linking all of them. Mike Lemieux, music; Teresa Wood, service coordinator

Jan. 13, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"O Pioneer!" Rev. Elizabeth Greene

For the Second Annual BUUF Pioneer Sunday, Elizabeth will reflect on the life and service of Jim Tompkins, who served our church deeply and widely, in earlier days. We will also ponder what it is to be a pioneer, how we all are—sometimes unknowingly—pioneers in our lives. BUUF Choir, music; Patricia Heeb, service coordinator

Jan. 20, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Roots Hold Us Close: Approaching 20 Years of Partnership," Gwyn Reid

In May 1993, BUUF became one of a number of UU congregations to enter into a partnership with a Unitarian congregation in Transylvania. Our partnership with Mészkõ has been an incredible 20 years for both congregations. The sixth principle of the Unitarian Universalist Association is the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all. On January 20, we will explore how the transformative, shared experiences of our global partnership have increased our awareness of the interdependency of all people and our common struggles for human rights, social justice, and well being. Nancy Harms, service coordinator

Jan. 27, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"The Ideas Peddler," Rev. Don Rollings

As we continue our preparation for the interim period, accredited UU interim minister, Don Rollins, will lead us in a look at the good things that lie ahead. Don is the Interim Minister at the UU Church of Eugene, Oregon. Susie Hardy, service coordinator.

February, 2013

Feb. 3, 9:30 & 11:15am

"What I've Learned," Rev. Elizabeth Greene

What does a person learn from 25 years of parish ministry, with the same congregation? Elizabeth will share a few of her learnings—some of which might surprise you. Patti Raino, Carrie Bastian, music; Wanda Jennings, service coordinator

Feb. 10, 9:30 & 11:15am

"Black History in Idaho,"Cherie Buckner-Webb, Jan Salisbury, Rev. Elizabeth Greene

Many of us probably think that Idaho has no African-American history. Cherie Buckner-Webb, a several-generation Idaho African-American, will let us know otherwise. And, she will sing, always a wonderful experience. Cherie Buckner-Webb & BUUF Choir, music; Nancy Harms, service coordinator

Feb. 17, 9:30 & 11:15am

"Reverence," Rev. Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth believes firmly that an attitude of reverence can be the concept that unites Unitarian Universalists of all beliefs and philosophies. It is deeply spiritual, and it cuts across the distractions of falsely-divisive belief systems. Charlotte Tompkins, music; Mary Hester, service coordinator

Feb. 24, 9:30 & 11:15am

"The Fingerprints of God," Emmie Schlobohm, Director of Religious Exploration

Is spiritual experience real? When we pray, what happens? Does consciousness depend entirely on your brain and the unique way it works? Can science explain God? Join us for an exploration of how faith and spirituality affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually as set out by Barbara Bradley Hagerty in her book of the same title. Will Smith, music; Patricia Heeb, service coordinator

March, 2013

March 3, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"What We Value Most," The Rt. Rev. John Thornton

Elizabeth attends St. Michael's Episcopal Church when she is not at the Fellowship, and deems John Thornton, former Episcopal Bishop of Idaho to be one of the best preachers she has ever heard. John will speak to us about stewardship, what that means in the institutions we love most. Michael Mandrell, music. Susie Hardy, service coordinator

March 10, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"How Far We've Come," Mary Schwartzman

The Fellowship has survived many transitions in the past and will continue to do so. Mary Schwartzman will describe the evolution of our beloved Fellowship from 1967, when she and Alan arrived as newlyweds, to Elizabeth's arrival in 1988. We each play a part in the ongoing evolution. Prepare to welcome some of the people who made the Fellowship what it is today. They are the shoulders upon which we stand. They dug the wells from which we drink. They planted the trees in whose shade we sit. Celtic music with George Raino and friends, music; Teresa Wood, service coordinator

March 17, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"The Wheel that moves the Sun and Stars," Rev. Elizabeth Greene & BUUF Choir

Nearing the Vernal Equinox, when day and night are equal, the star wheel is turning, moving us into spring. Join us for this mostly music Sunday, featuring our choir and additional guest musicians. There will even be a wee bit o' Celtic music for St. Pat's Day as we rejoice in the greening of the year! What can that mean in our lives? BUUF Choir, music; Nancy Harms, service coordinator

March 24, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"No Offense Intended", Rev. Jackie Kelly

As the Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Luke's Medical Center, Jackie works with chaplaincy students with diverse beliefs and ways of understanding spirituality. Her students, in turn, learn to minister to patients, family and staff with equally diverse beliefs. It's no wonder that sometimes people feel offended when confronted with deeply held convictions that are polar opposites of their own. So what happens when we choose not to be offended? Wanda Jennings, service coordinator

March 31, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Stories of Spring and Resurrection," Rev. Greene

There's Demeter and her daughter Persephone. There's Jesus on the cross, brought to life two days later. There's Isis and Osiris. There's Elizabeth's little rhubarb plant, living miraculously through neglect and presumed death. Resurrection abounds! Michael Stevenson, music; Mary Hester, service coordinator

April, 2013

April 7, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Owlie Searches for the Truth," Emmie Schlobohm and members of our Religious Exploration Community

Follow the adventures of woodland creatures as they explore our fourth principle – a free and responsible search of truth and meaning. Please join us for this service involving all ages with stories, music, and merriment. Susie Hardy, Service Coordinator

April 14, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"The Scholar's Lamp: Passing on the Light," Rev. Elizabeth Greene, Susan Beasley & Carrie Hope

Susan and Carrie are our "Bridgers" this year, seniors in high school who are making that first step into what we traditionally call adulthood. Both young women will share some of their journey, their hopes and plans. BUUF Choir, Music. Nancy Harms, Service Coordinator

April 21, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Dirt—a Love Story," Debra Smith

Scientists teach us cause and effect and how to sustain (or not) systems. Poets teach us how to love. This morning, in honor of Earth Day, we'll look at a very mundane topic—dirt, through the eyes of a scientist and the heart of a poet. Perhaps we will be re-enchanted with the very ground we walk upon, that in the spring becomes "mud-lucious and puddle-wonderful."

This is a "Sermon to Service Sunday," so be prepared to learn about ways you can do work in the world to show your love for the earth. Will Smith, Music. Teresa Wood, Tammy Berdahl, Service Coordinators

April 28, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"In Their World," Mary Hester

The book "Three Cups of Tea" inspired us with stories of building schools in their world. In spite of the recent controversy, what inspired us remains valid. Come hear what was different about this story, and how we can apply it to our lives. Patricia Heeb, Service Coordinator.

May, 2013

May 5, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"No Simple Highway," Rev. Elizabeth Greene

Recollecting a long-ago sermon she presented here (1988) on a much-loved song, the Grateful Dead's "Ripple," Elizabeth will share some of her truths that have remained pretty much intact through the years. BUUF Choir, music; Wanda Jennings service Coordinator

May 12, 9:30 & 11:15

"Coming of Age," Jr. High Youth & their Mentors

Our Coming of Age youth will share their statements of faith that they have developed over the years and through the journey of discovery that has been our Coming of Age program for the last eight months. Join in on this celebration of youth and share in the journey with these incredible young people! Jr. High Youth, music; Mary Hester, service Coordinator

May 19, 9:30 & 11:15

"The Last Laugh," Rev. Greene

This is the LAST official sermon Elizabeth will preach as our minister! In it, she would like to deliver Serious Advice Learned Over the Years—but it seems a little earnest for the occasion. Instead, she will share her favorite jokes, and reflect on what "lessons" emerge from our laughter.

The service will include our Flower Communion: everyone brings a flower to put in the community vases, then, at a certain point in the service, we each take a flower back. If you forget your flower, Providence always steps in— in the form of other people! For more information on the flower communion, please see article. Melinda Harper & Madison Teuscher, music; Nancy Harms, service Coordinator

May 26, 2013, 9:30 & 11:15

"Story Link," Linking parents in prison with their children, through stories. Eileen Dingeldein & Wanda Jennings.

Your heart will be moved by the stories told of keeping family connections alive as inmates record stories for their children. Teresa Wood, service Coordinator

June, 2013

June 2, 10:00am (Single Service)

"Let's Cross Over," Rev. Elizabeth Greene, Carrie Bastian and musicians, Janine Larsen, Pacific Northwest District Executive; Linda Laskowski, Unitarian Universalist Board trustee from the Pacific Central District; and Virginia Phillips, Elizabeth's sister.

Music! Poetry! Colorful stoles for everyone! A glorious farewell as Elizabeth and her guests cross our bridge, celebrating 25 years of a wonderful relationship, and looking forward in hope and jubilation. Don't miss this single-service morning—10 am—Elizabeth's last appearance in the BUUF pulpit. Here we embody the old hymn that says we celebrate our past and also trust the dawning future. Bring your picnic lunch for sharing after the service.

The offering will be sent to the UUA's Ministerial Sustenance Fund (page 5), used to aid ministers in need of financial help—especially those who retired before there was any retirement system. BUUF Choir, Mike Lemieux, Patti Raino, Susan Nelson-Sangiorgi, John Sangiorgi, Michael Stevenson, Will Smith, music; Nancy Harms, service coordinator

June 9, 10 am

"On Sex, On Money, On Coffee and Looking for Ministry," Matthew Sabin

Whether being webmaster, trying to be committee chair (twice), teaching sexuality to our youth or serving espresso most Sundays, I've been looking for where I fit. Early on the way I was told to look for my ministry. That sounded like excellent advice. It turns out there are pitfalls on the road to finding your ministry – I've fallen in quite a few so far. I'll relate some of them, as well as a success or two. My search is ongoing... I share it in the hope that I can provide help for, or at least serve as a warning to others. Mike Lemieux, music; Nancy Harms, celebrant; Wanda Jennings, service coordinator

June 16, 10 am

"A Conversation of Kindness," Jeanette Maré

Jeannette Maré, Ben's Bells founder and Executive Director, will lead an in-depth discussion of the challenges and opportunities we encounter in every interaction as we strive to create a kinder community. During this conversation, Jeannette will reflect on her own personal experiences with kindness in the face of devastating grief, as well as her work with Ben's Bells Project and the power of kindness to transform people and communities. Liza Long, music; Wanda Jennings, celebrant; Susie Hardy, service coordinator

June 23, 2013, 10 am

"Church for Atheists and Others," Rev. Kenneth Watts

What does it mean to be "the church"? What benefits are to be gained by being part of an organization that still ties itself to terminology used for two thousand years by the Christian tradition and our own UU tradition that was born out of 18th century liberal understandings? And most importantly, "Why not just abandon all religious groups and stay home or go golfing?" (That last one is very tempting at times and I must admit to giving in on occasion!) I have a chaplain friend who says she worships at the "Church of Serta" every Sunday morning! This service will offer a few ideas for Atheists and non-Atheists to ponder. Sue Langley, music; Patricia Heeb, celebrant; Teresa Wood, service coordinator

June 30. 10 am

"What has General Assembly to do with Us," Wanda & Bryan Jennings, Elton Hall

Wanda, Bryan and Elton will share their experiences at this year's GA in Louisville, KY. Much is changing this year with the shrinkage of the UUA Board, moving of UUA headquarters, and general reorganization. Learn what all this means for BUUF and the future of the UU movement. Sue Langley, music; Tammy Berdahl, service coordinator

July, 2013

July 7, 10:00 am

Smelling the Roses, Rick Groff

Caught between anxieties about tomorrow and fretting about yesterday with thoughts streaming through your mind, it can be very difficult to be in the present moment. Rick will be talking about learning to live in the present through mindfulness. Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice, but he follows a secularized version restated in modern terms. Mike Lemieux, Music. Mary Hester, Celebrant. Nancy Harms, Service Coordinator

July 14, 10:00 am

How to Pray, Coston Frederick

Do Unitarian Universalists pray? I believe they do if they are alive and serious about life. So, I'd like to spend a few minutes thinking about how we can do it -- and still be Unitarian Universalists. I will suggest some possible implications of daily prayer opportunities; and no one has to close his or her eyes, or kneel down, or say a word. Liza Long, Music. Patricia Heeb, Celebrant. Susie Hardy, Service Coordinator.

July 21, 10:00 am

The Moon: Symbolic, Sacred and Spiritual, Miriam Woito

Thought about how the moon has inspired us, motivated us and been an ever present part of all our lives? Carrie Bastian, Music. Wanda Jennings, Celebrant. Patricia Heeb, Service Coordinator.

July 28, 10:00 am

What Would Joseph Do?, Ann Sabin

Mary knew the baby Jesus was her son. But what if the kid wasn't yours? Not just in a village 2000+ years ago, but today. Your sister's kid. The local schoolchildren. Our congregation's youth. When a child acts out, is it someone else's problem? Or do you look beyond yourself at a larger outcome? Thoughts, musings and possible first steps in creating empowered, just and ethical adults out of today's children. Sue Langley, Music. Patricia Heeb, Celebrant. Mary Hester, Service Coordinator.

August, 2013

Aug. 4, 2013, 10 am

Faith – What is That? Elton Hall

We speak of Unitarian Universalism as a "faith tradition." But what is faith? We will reflect on this question, and on what faith might be especially for UUs, as well as what it is not or should not be. Liza Long, Music. Patricia Heeb, Celebrant. Nancy Harms, Service Coordinator

Aug. 11, 2013, 10 am

Amor & Exile, Nathaniel Hoffman

Boise-based journalist Nathaniel Hoffman will present a brief history of migration and marriage from the earliest human wanderings to the era of the "Deporter in Chief," based on his new book, Amor and Exile: True Stories of Love Across America's Borders, co-written with Nicole Salgado, an American writer in exile in Mexico. Salgado's husband faces a permanent ban from the United States for immigration violations despite his marriage to an American citizen. The book chronicles the social, political and historical context of citizenship for mixed immigration status couples—both gay and straight. Books will be available for a signing following the service. More information is available at amorandexile.com. Liza Long, Music. Elton Hall, Celebrant. Patricia Heeb, Service Coordinator.

Aug. 18, 2013, 10 am

Four Spiritualities: Are we all spiritual, even if we don't use the word 'spiritual?' Bill Reid

100 years of psychological and religious study have led many researchers to the conclusion that the human search for meaning (spirituality?) is expressed in four major ways, based on four major personality temperaments.

UUA President Peter Morales has called us to create an expansive and inclusive faith, a "big tent with no borders." We usually think of inclusion and diversity in terms of race, gender identity, religious belief, or sexual orientation. What if our inherent personalities and spiritualities separate us more than race, sexual orientation, or belief? What if the real challenge facing us is to overcome our personality and spirituality differences? Perhaps embracing the four spiritualities will enable us to create the 'big tent' that includes everyone, even those of us who might not fit into someone else's definition of 'spiritual.' Mike Lemieux, Music. Wanda Jennings, Celebrant. Teresa Wood, Service Coordinator.

Aug. 25, 2013, 10 am

"What do you do when you discover that what you thought you knew isn't true?" Debbie Espen

A moving story of a world turned upside down by a moment that forever changed a life. Carrie Bastian, Music. Elton Hall, Celebrant. Tammy Berdahl, Service Coordinator.

September, 2013

Sept. 1, 10 am

"The Politically Correct Book of Job," David Scott

You may remember reading The Book of Job back in Sunday School and thinking it was a huge bummer. It kind of was. But could our man Job have lessons for the 21st century reader? This and other burning questions will be pondered as David attempts to humorously reinterpret the Old Testament story for a more modern UU congregation. Carrie Bastian, Music. Mary Hester, Celebrant. Susie Hardy, Service Coordinator.

Sept. 8, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Diving In," Rev. Dana Worsnop

Water Communion All Generation Service. Let us dive in to this year of changes, challenges and opportunity together. We'll hear the poetry of Shel Silverstein and music from the choir and we'll engage in covenant with our Interim Minister, Rev. Dana Worsnop. BUUF Choir, music. Nancy Harms, Service Coordinator

Sept. 15, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Beginning Again in Love," Rev. Dana Worsnop

During the Jewish High Holy Days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur the Book of Life is (metaphorically) open and we have a chance to make amends, to turn a new page, to renew our Yes! To life. We will enter the spirit of the High Holy Days and begin together in love. Carrie Bastian, Janelle Brown, Michael Stevenson, Music. Wanda Jennings, Service Coordinator.

Sept. 22, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Practice Makes Progress," Rev. Dana Worsnop

Practice makes perfect, the saying goes. Yet perfection is a daunting standard. How does that change if we shift perspective and seek and affirm progress over perfection? Tammy Berdahl, Service Coordinator.

Sept. 29, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"A Wide Embrace," Rev. Dana Worsnop

Ours is a faith with a wide theological embrace. Francis David said we need not think alike to love alike. Keeping our embrace wide and open is one of our highest values and one of our greatest challenges. Teresa Wood, Service Coordinator.

October, 2013

Oct. 6, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Changing, Changing, Changing," Rev. Dana Worsnop

The great insights of the Buddha include the realization that everything is always changing – arising and passing away. Human suffering arises when we resist this deep truth, when we wish to hold onto the way things have been or wish to avoid some future change. The path to liberation lies in holding everything more lightly. Mike Lemieux, Music. Susie Hardy, Service Coordinator.

Oct. 13, 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Boston Bound and Back Again," Boston Bounders 2013

Our Junior High youth once again journeyed to Boston this past summer on their bi-annual pilgrimage. Come hear from this crop of Boston Bounders about their adventures in Beantown and beyond. BUUF Choir, Music. Mary Hester, Service Coordinator.

Oct. 20 – 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Past, Present and Future Tense," Rev. Dana Worsnop

Though we are often encouraged to live in the present, be mindful in the moment, in truth the past and the future are present in every breath. Everything that has gone before has brought us to this particular moment, and the future is forming even as we breathe. Will Smith, Music. Patricia Heeb, Service Coordinator

Oct. 27 – 9:30 & 11:15 am

"Telling Your Story," Rev. Dana Worsnop

The stories we tell end up defining who we are. What are the stories of this congregation? How do they define you? Are they a complete view? Which stories will carry you into the future and which do you want to move beyond? Lessie Brown, Music. Nancy Harms, Service Coordinator

November, 2013

November 3, 9:30 & 11:15 am

Día de los Muertos - A Day of Remembrance, Rev. Dana Worsnop

We will celebrate the Mexican holy day Día de los Muertos and consider what death has to teach us about living. We will also share a Ritual of Remembrance honoring those who have passed from our lives. If you wish, you may bring pictures to place upon our altar. Mary Hester, Service Coordinator

November 10, 9:30 & 11:15 am

Idaho Safe Schools Coalition

Idaho Safe Schools Coalition (ISSC) is the only organization in Idaho that serves Idaho's LGBTQ youth. Our mission is to help Idaho schools become safe places where every family can belong, where every educator can teach, and where every child can learn, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We have two youth eager to share more about our organization and they work they've been doing. Zach Bramwell is one of our two Youth Liaisons on the board for ISSC. He is the president of Capital High Schools' GSA. Anna McClain-Sims is a nineth grader at East JHS and Treasure Valley Math and Science. She been involved with ISSC for 18 months and has participated in events for LGBTQ youth. She's also active with the teen youth group at The Community Center. BUUF Choir, Music. Teresa Wood, Service Coordinator

November 17, 9:30 & 11:15 am

So Many Choices, So Little Time, Rev, Dana Worsnop

We often think that choice is a good thing, that the more choices we have the happier people are. But there is a point at which the returns start to diminish and in fact even reverse. We will consider our choices as we anticipate a holiday season filled with them. Susie Hardy, Service Coordinator.

November 24, 9:30 & 11:15 am

Giving Thanks - an All Generations Service, Rev. Dana Worsnop and Emmie Schlobohm, DRE

Come join all ages - from infants to sages - to give thanks for our many blessings. We will tell stories, sing songs, celebrate community as we turn toward the Thanksgiving holiday. We will partake in a Bread Communion, so please bring bread in small pieces to place in baskets upon the altar. Nancy Harms, Service Coordinator

December, 2013

December 1, 9:30 & 11:15am

All Things Shining—How We Live Meaningful Lives

Participants in the Adult RE class All Things Shining will share their insights and discoveries of how people understood a meaningful life at various times in Western history, from ancient Greece to the present. They will also share their own ways of making their lives meaningful today. Will Smith, Music. Wanda Jennings, service coordinator

December 8, 9:30 & 11:15am

Deck the Halls with the Spirit of Winter, Children & Youth from Religious Exploration & Emmie Schlobohm

It's time again for our annual tradition of Deck the Halls Sunday! This year we celebrate and reflect on the winter traditions of heart and hearth. Join us for poems, stories, cookies, and beautiful music. Music and more: Mike Lemieux, Mary Schwartzman, and the Five Gold Rings Chorus. Patricia Heeb, service coordinator

December 15, 9:30 & 11:15am

Some Children See Him: Embracing the Holy Child Within

Through readings and through Christmas music from around the world, the BUUF choir and musicians will explore the idea of the holy child of Bethlehem, as created in each culture and as found within each person. This will be a mostly music Sunday. BUUF Choir and Musicians, Music. Nancy Harms, service coordinator

Friday, December 20, 7:00 pm

Waiting in the Dark — A Solstice Celebration

In our modern world, we can become distant from the rhythms of nature. Technology can insulate us from the turning seasons. We lose these rhythms at the cost of our wholeness. As we approach the darkest and longest night of the year, let us gather to celebrate the turning of the year. Let us come together to pay attention to these rhythms and cycles in the midst of the swirling maelstrom of the holidays. What gifts does this dark time offer?

Come celebrate your pagan roots and welcome the return of the light. We will celebrate the Solstice this year on Friday, December 20. The service will start at 7:00pm, sharp, but please arrive early so there is time to get everyone smudged! The doors will be open no later than 6:30. Please arrive on time — once the service starts the doors will be closed and no one will be allowed to enter. You can enter through either vestibule. Bring goodies to share after the service, if you like — there will be a table to leave them on as you enter the church.

This is a quieter, more contemplative service and children who can sit relatively quietly for about an hour are very welcome. The Wiggle Room (aka the Preschool room) will be available for nursing mothers and infants. Children will be celebrating the Solstice in the Senior High room in the South Wing.

Sunday, December 22, 9:30 & 11:15am

The Stable of Our Hearts, Rev. Dana Worsnop

With all the voices shouting out about the meaning of Christmas, how can we find our own way into the message of this time of year? How can we enter the story of the myth and the mystery of the birth of Jesus in a way that satisfies both mind and heart? Bonnie and Melinda Harper, Music. Mary Hester, service coordinator

Tuesday, December 24, 7 pm

Lessons and Carols, Rev. Dana Worsnop & Emmie Schlobohm, Director of Religious Exploration

In this family-friendly Christmas Eve service we will hear stories of the magic and mystery of this season. We will sing carols together, some by candlelight, and will remember the lessons of this holy day. We will prepare our hearts for Christmas. Liza Long, Music. Nancy Harms, service coordinator

December 29, 9:30 & 11:15 am

Quaker Service

The early Quakers considered silence to be a direct path to God. This was a radical idea in its time. Silence remains a radical idea today. In our culture of iPhones, cell phones, the Internet, high-definition TV and continual bombardment of advertising, cultivating silence – as opposed to consuming products – is a radical idea. But it can connect us to – and keep us on – the path we're supposed to be on. Join Nancy Harms for this simple service.

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